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Nine years ago, I followed a hunch to invest in my first DSLR camera with zero photography experience. Flash forward to present day and I've built a business that gives me FREEDOM of time and money + most importantly: fuels my soul.

Youtube and failure were my greatest teachers...and it took almost a decade to get to where I am today. The products in this shop are designed to save you time and frustration, a luxury I wasn't handed early in my career. 

I want my legacy to be inspiring women around me to chase their dreams and design a life they love. This business GAVE me just that: a life I love. And I want other women to experience that too...and not have to sacrifice their mom role for their career and vise-versa. I'm walking proof you can have it all, if you're willing to work for it! I'm confident the tools I share with you will save you oodles of time, money and energy. Who doesn't love a good short cut? I hope you + your business leave transformed.

Products designed to help chase your photography dreams + build the life you imagined.


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"“We bought Lindsey Kay’s Beginner’s Photography Guide about a year after we started our photography business. To say Lindsey’s guide completely transformed our business would be an understatement. After implementing her guide, our business’s sales more than QUADRUPLED the next calendar year. Her guide is informative, motivating and inspiring. We couldn’t recommend it more for those who are new to photography or just starting their photography business”

"Lindsey, your book was not only eye opening in so many ways, but it sparked a new flame beneath us. After reading, it’s made us stop and truly appreciate where we started, where we currently are and the potential for where we are going. You are truly inspirational and we can’t thank you enough for this!"

"Omg. Read straight through - took pages of notes (totally learn through action, so notes for daysss). Truly, thank you for putting this together! Definitely makes me stop and appreciate the process, while striving to be better and grow. Nothing worse than feeling stagnant, in my opinion and this keep that fire burning!" 
- Z & Ko. Photography

"Lindsey is an incredible photographer and it was so great to get an insight to her process in her Beginner's Guide Workshop. She teaches in a way that is very understandable to read. Her guide is well worth the investment! My favorite was her 'Best Wedding Planning Tips'. It was really helpful for someone looking to get into wedding photography. Lindsey is very friendly, professional and truly wants to see everyone succeed in their photography goals. Thanks again!" -Sam B.

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